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What To Do When Your Roof is Leaking

My Roof is Leaking… Now What?

So it’s raining outside, but you notice that in one particular part of your house it seems to be raining inside. You’ve got a roof leak and while there’s never truly a good time to get one, being prepared for the worst is the best way to lessen the hassle and cost associated with this issue.

First you’re going to want to minimize interior damage. Move all furniture away from the leak or cover them with plastic if they can’t be moved. Put buckets or pans in place to collect any water falling from the ceiling and prevent any further interior damage. If the damage caused is substantial enough you may want to call your insurance provider and submit a claim.

Next it’s time to inspect your roof for the source of the leak and any further damage it may have caused. Remember that when looking for the source to check the entire region of the suspected area as roof leaks can ‘travel’ from the origin. Also look for indicators like discolored wood, wet spots, or even rapid pest outbreaks (ants, earwigs, pill beetles and other pests thrive off of wet wood caused by leaks). Also check outside for any deteriorated shingles or damaged flashing that is exposed as both could be the source of where water is getting in.

Finally it’s time to decide your course of action. If the leak is minimal, hasn’t caused that much damage and is perhaps caused by exposed, damaged flashing you can probably use roof tar to mend the space where water is getting in. However if the leak is large and has caused considerable damage you’re going to need to call a licensed roof contractor. Here on Long Island Pro Quality Home Improvements is renowned for expert roof repairs and having the utmost integrity. If you are experiencing an untimely roof leak, call today for a FREE estimate of our quality roof repairs and end this issue once and for all.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion to consult a roofing professional if you see any signs of leaks around your property. I never knew that this could affect your home’s structure and damage the roofing system as well! I will remember this and find a local roofer since I plan to own a home someday.

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